Freddie Prinze Jr. Wants Former WWE Star In His New Promotion

Former WWE writer and current actor, Freddie Prinze Jr., has admitted he would like to work with a former WWE Superstar when his own wrestling promotion launches.

Prinze Jr. has made it clear he is in the planning process of creating his own wrestling promotion, and he has enough money for "a three-year plan." On his own "Wrestling With Freddie" podcast, he admitted that there are no new match stipulation types on his mind, although he has been "tossing ideas at MJF."


They came up with "the worst match" which was a trapeze match that would be suspended between two elephants, which was obviously a joke. Instead, Prinze Jr. made it clear that it will be more old-school with "traditional style matches," and "it will be the world around it that is different."

During the "Ask Me Anything" episode, Prinze Jr. also spoke about if he has any wrestlers in mind to work with, and Killer Kross is someone that he mentioned. The Hollywood star revealed that he spoke to him months ago as soon as his contract was no more at WWE. The former "NXT" Champion was released by the company back in November, and Prinze Jr. then got introduced to him when he had a FaceTime with John Morrison.


When Morrison showed him Kross he "popped big" and he made it clear that "Kross is definitely a cat that [he] likes." However, he also stressed, "there's a lot of guys out there [he wants to sign]."

"I was like, 'Dude, oh, what's up, man? You and your girl are like the satanic, super hot Macho Man and Elizabeth' ... I said, 'Man, I love what you guys are doing over there, for real.' So that's when he and I first met," Prinze Jr. said. "So as soon as he was gone, he was one of the first guys that I reached out to. I said, 'Hey man, whatever you sign, make sure the contract is up in about a year-and-a-half.'

There are currently no official dates for when Prinze Jr.'s promotion is going to launch, but this is a project that he has been publicly pushing.

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