Paige VanZant has gotten the eternal perspective of a vampire in Gangrel.

The former leader of the Brood has lived up to his vampiric ways as Gangrel has recently reemerged in the pro wrestling forefront by being in Major League Wrestling and having a special appearance on AEW Rampage. He reunited with the Hardys on the program as he accompanied the “cosplaying New Brood” Young Bucks to the ring, and he just so happened to accompany Matt Hardy as a special guest on the latest episode of his podcast, “Extreme Life”.

Gangrel joined the program to talk about his history with Matt, his brother Jeff Hardy, as well as his time in the ring with WWE. Nearing the end of the episode, co-host Jon Alba mentioned how it was Gangrel who helped VanZant get ready for her debut match at AEW “Double or Nothing”. VanZant participated in a six-person tag by partnering up with the Men of the Year against Sammy Guevara, Frankie Kazarian, and Tay Conti.

“I was a little concerned because the amount of time she trained for a match, you know, I was worried,” Gangrel said. “I suppose I was 50/50 on that. I didn’t see it live or anything, I only saw clips, but I was very concerned. She has a lot of talent and I think she can be a long-term star.”

Since she showed up in AEW, VanZant has only gotten physical in short spurts, but Gangrel sees long-term potential in the former UFC fighter turned pro wrestler.

“She really, really is good at everything she does. She’s super athletic, but when you get thrown in a match in a six-man, and it was so weird ’cause like the heels are faces and Sammy went into it, he’s originally a babyface, they’re booing him cause they’re making out with Tay, so it’s such a weird chemistry and atmosphere. It’s just a really weird angle and I’m gonna say it, I’m kind of glad it all kind of ended cause it gave me anxiety (laughs). It was just one of those weird things, you know? So for her to be in the middle of that, I really would like to have had her had more time training, but I believe she’s a good investment. She’s going to be a star one day if she rides it out.”

You can tune into the full episode of “Extreme Life” below:

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