Jon Moxley Recalls The Moment He Knew He Needed Rehab

"It all happened in like 15 minutes."

Jon Moxley's decision to go to rehab came on like a whirlwind. Talking with his wife Renée Paquette on her podcast "The Sessions," Moxley took time away from wrestling last fall to battle alcohol dependency and talked about how a bad flight was the final straw.

"I was in Des Moines, on a Southwest flight, they don't serve booze on Southwest flights for some reason," Moxley said. "So I knew that, so I was like 'I'm getting loaded before I get on this plane' ... so I was loaded when I landed."

Upon his return to the home he shares with Paquette, Moxley noticed that "you were already mad at me." His worsening condition had become apparent to Paquette, and to several friends in the wrestling business. It was in that moment that Moxley decided "I cannot go another day like this. I can't go one more day."

"It happened in like, minutes," Moxley recalled. "I was like 'I wanna go to rehab,' and you were like 'Ok.'"

According to Moxley, he called the rehab facility on Halloween night. "I was standing outside, I'm on the phone with them, giving them my information ... kids are walking up to me while I'm on the phone with rehab, and they're like 'Trick or treat!'"

"Called an Uber, it was maybe 10-15 minutes away from the house," Moxley calculated. "An hour after I walked into the door, I was walking into rehab."

Moxley was originally scheduled to wrestle on that week's episode of AEW Dynamite, but credits Tony Khan and the company for allowing him to put his health first. According to Moxley, Khan would've been ok with the former-AEW Champion "never coming back" if Moxley had felt that was what was best.

Moxley returned to AEW on January 18th of this year, cutting a blistering promo and returning to active competition. The reigning GCW Champion is scheduled to face NJPW's Hiroshi Tanahashi on the upcoming AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door event for the AEW Interim World Championship.

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