Matt Cardona’s focus at the moment continues to be reinventing himself beyond WWE. However, that does not mean he doesn’t know there is still money to be made with his former WWE persona, Zack Ryder.

In a new interview with Graham Matthews of “Bleacher Report”, Cardona was asked about a potential return to WWE.

“I wouldn’t be opposed to coming back as Zack Ryder,” he said. “I love my ‘Always Ready’ music. It would basically be me, just with the old Zack Ryder name. No more ‘Oh Radio,’ none of that stuff, even though Downstait did make the harder version of it.”

“I would love to come back as me, Matt Cardona, but I think realistically, the WWE has that IP, and they’ve invested a lot in that name, so I would have no problem [doing it], even if it was a one-off at the Royal Rumble or something like that. I think it’d be interesting.”

If the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion were to return to WWE it would certainly cause a lot of buzz online. Cody Rhodes infamously returned to WWE at WrestleMania 38 with the entrance music and American Nightmare logo he created after leaving the promotion in tact, completely changing his presentation. It would be something to see “Alwayz Ready” Matt Cardona return to WWE with a completely new coat of paint as well. But how does he think the fans would react if he did?

“If I were to come out, I don’t know if the people would boo. I think I’d get a huge pop! I think I’d be a babyface again.”

Cardona was released by WWE back on April 15, 2020, and since then has grown his brand even bigger by being a part of almost every promotion of note. Including AEW, Impact Wrestling, GCW, and now, the NWA. In GCW he fully embraced becoming a “sports entertainment” heel after defeating Nick Gage for the GCW Championship and proclaiming himself as the “Deathmatch King.” Cardona just had surgery this week for a torn bicep.

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