Matt Hardy took some time to congratulate the new AEW Champion CM Punk on his “Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast.”

“Congratulations to CM Punk, and I thought those guys had a hell of a match as well,” Hardy began when asked about Punk’s big win over Hangman Page. But it was something after the main event that really caught Hardy’s attention.

Hardy went on to praise AEW President Tony Khan for the way he handled a question about Eric Bischoff’s criticisms of AEW and CM Punk. Bischoff previously called CM Punk, “a financial flop,” which led to Tony Khan calling those comments “f**king bulls**t.”

“You can’t hate Papa Kahn’s passion. ‘BULL FU**ING-S**T!'” Hardy said, directly quoting Tony Khan with the expletive.

Matt wasn’t the only Hardy that loved Tony’s response, as wife Reby joined in, with the two parroting the words “f*cking b------t” at each other back and forth until Reby went into what she likes about the AEW head honcho.

“He had the crazy eyes, which I don’t mean in a bad way,” Reby said. “I mean that in the best way because he’s super passionate about it, and I like that because a lot of people are so scared of being politically correct…”

Matt then went on to note how Khan came to the scrum prepared, with all of the recent ratings records that AEW and Punk had set. “That was tremendous,” Hardy said to his co-host Jon Alba. “It was said very well.” Hardy continued, “You have Eric Bischoff and his opinion on one side, and then Tony Khan and his opinion.”

But what Hardy felt separated the two opinions were the facts and figures Tony brought to the conversation. “The thing that was so interesting is he went into the facts, and the records, and the physical evidence of why things have been so good.”

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