MJF Rips Tony Khan’s WWE Signings In Seething Promo On AEW ‘Dynamite’

Early on during tonight's episode of AEW "Dynamite", Maxwell Jacob Friedman made his appearance on the show and delivered a long, emotional promo about what happened during "Double or Nothing" weekend.

Firstly, he explained that he was in a lot of pain following the savage beating Wardlow gave him during the pay-per-view, but that's not important because the people just want to hear him talk. Friedman then pointed out that big WarnerMedia Discovery executives were in the audience tonight, so his words have extra impact.

He mentioned that Khan has wanted a meeting for a while now but it's too late for that. He creates memorable moments week after week in AEW, but he still feels like he gets no respect. He is adamant that nobody is dishing out the numbers he does online and in the ratings, and he's the person who actually makes people watching feel something. MJF is expected to hit grand slams and he does that sh*t on a weekly basis, he has to be perfect as he's the only guy capable of carrying the company.

He thinks it's funny the crowd is cheering him when all weekend, they were calling him unprofessional and judging him from their phones. MJF tells the fans they don't know sh*t, and their opinions are fickle as they have always been. He says the fans are taking him for granted just like the man in the back is, Tony Khan.

He questions why Tony is resistant to pay the man who has been busting his ass all this time, when instead, he hordes all that money to give it to all the "ex-WWE guys who can't lace up his God d**n boots". MJF asks Tony if he would like him better if he was an ex-WWE guy. He thinks he shouldn't have the power to run a wrestling company, he should be behind the guard rail like the fan he is. He doesn't want to wait until 2024 to wrap up his AEW contract, he wants Tony to fire him right now.

He screams into the camera that Tony Khan is a "f**king mark" before the mic gets cut off and the show goes to commercial. The commentators no-sold what happened when the show returned from break, and the AEW Twitter account completely avoided posting clips from the segment.

It was also noted from fans in the building that CM Punk ran down to the ring after the segment, but MJF rolled out of the ring and escaped through the crowd.

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