Paul London Criticizes AEW Star’s In-Ring Style

Paul London may have been an aerialist, but there is one star he hopes will depart from that type of wrestling.

London spent time in WWE from 2003 until 2008, finding most of his success in the tag division alongside partners Billy Kidman and Brian Kendrick, the latter of which he held tag gold for a combined 334 days. London also found success in the Cruiserweight division, holding that title for 126 days.


The former WWE star has not stepped foot in the ring since December of 2018. London recently shared that he attempted to become a coach or a producer with AEW, but was immediately shot down by the company. While on Cafe De Rene with Rene Paquette, London voiced criticism over an AEW star's moveset.

"I like Brian [Cage] ... but like, he doesn't do himself any favors because, you know, you're telling me that a guy who looks like a truck can literally do 10-20 things to somebody half his size and still lose? Then what are you hitting them with, like, marshmallows?" London questioned. "...  I hope Brian can somehow figure it out to where it's like, you're not going to bump the same for everybody."


Cage most recently wrestled for AEW in October of 2021 on an episode of "Rampage" where he lost to Ricky Starks in a Philadelphia Street Fight in hopes of regaining the FTW Championship, a title he successfully defended three times over 377 days as champion. The FTW Title was handed to Cage by Taz, who was the championship's original champion back in 1998. The title became defunct in 1999 until Taz brought it back in 2020.

Cage has since wrestled for Ring of Honor at SuperCard of Honor 2022, which was bought in March by AEW owner Tony Khan. Cage defeated Ninja Mack quickly, with the match clocking in at just under three minutes. After the match, Cage joined Tully Blanchard Enterprises but has not been seen on AEW television since. Before signing to All Elite Wrestling, another major organization Cage wrestled for and had success in was IMPACT Wrestling, where he was able to hold their World Championship for 180 days before losing it to Sami Callihan.

Cage's wife, Melissa Santos, who worked as a ring announcer in Lucha Underground, has made comments in the past regarding her displeasure with the booking of Cage in AEW.

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