Sonya Deville recently spoke with Forbes ahead of walking in the LA Pride Parade this Sunday. During the conversation, Deville was asked about Florida’s controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

The bill was signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis at the end of March and would forbid teachers from discussing sexual orientation in the classroom, allows parents to sue over lessons that they don’t want to be taught, and would also force schools to inform parents of any mental health services their child might receive, which would limit LGBTQIA students’ ability to find safe haven in school counselors that they might not be able to find at home.

“I’ll just say we’re all equal and who you are and how you identify is who you are and how you identify. And that’s what I’ll respect and understand,” Deville told Forbes.

Deville said that she doesn’t like to get political, “just for [her] own sanity in mind,” but she believes her messaging is “super simple.”

“I obviously believe in equality. I accept everyone as they are, who they are, how they identify. And I think that everyone should be welcome in a conversation about who we are should never be frowned upon.”

Deville rode with her partner in a truck emblazoned with the “WWE Together” logo. WWE has been selling WWE Together merchandise through their shop to raise money for GLAAD during Pride Month.

Deville came out in 2015 during her audition interview for “WWE Tough Enough.” Deville had not planned to come out on the show, and it served as her actually coming out to friends and family. Despite not winning her season of “Tough Enough” Deville signed a contract in October of 2015, becoming WWE’s first openly gay female superstar. The former General Manager has been making a return to in-ring competition as of late.

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