Sycho Sid has been the subject of many interesting wrestling stories and you can add another one into the rotation. Former WWE producer Dan Ryckert played a key role in the podcast department of the company, and he recalls the one time he was tasked with contacting Sid to be a special guest on an episode of “After The Bell” with Corey Graves.

“I called Sid once while he was doing landscaping stuff,” Ryckert said on his Twitch stream. “He was yelling at someone about installing a fence. He said he had a landscaping business, and Sid said he needed a bunch of money to be on the Corey Graves show, and also, he asked me if I’d be his podcast producer and I said no. That’s my Sid story.”

“Bunch of money” be damned, Sid is no stranger to being interviewed or delivering interviews. Back in 2019, the “Ruler of The World” talked with “Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast” and touched upon doing promos in both the scripted and unscripted form.

“When you are doing an interview for Nitro or for Raw they might say they want you to hit on this subject, and a lot of times, that subject never got hit on by a lot of people and probably by myself as well. But then you go out there and myself, I always had a lot of stuff to pull from and things I was reading and stuff like that, so a lot of times, you’ve just done it so long you wing it.

“I do remember one that was really cool and Vince (McMahon) did a really cool job of this because it wasn’t your normal interview, and it was, I think, one of the coolest interviews I’ve done and it was all Vince’s idea. They put me in the Alamodome in an empty arena to do an interview about the match I was going to have with Shawn (Michaels), and that was all scripted and there would be those as well, but for the most part, you just winged it.”

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