Tenured WWE Writer Has Reportedly Left The Company

The backstage roles in WWE continue shifting as we get deeper into 2022.

Dewey Foley, the son of WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, departed from WWE earlier this spring, according to a new report from PWInsider. Sources close to the situation point to the end of April as the time of his exit — however, Foley put out a telling social media post earlier that month, the weekend of "WrestleMania 38".

"Been a hell of a ride but I'm thinking it's time to grow... Been a hell of a ride but I'm thinking it's time to go... Went out with a bang. #StandAndDeliver nah #StoodAndDelivered," he wrote on his Instagram on April 2.

Foley seemed to confirm the departure in his latest Twitter response to a fan who praised his work in "WWE NXT." "Thank you," Foley said. "I put my freaking heart into NXT/the PC. I learned so much about myself there. Definitely the most rewarding and gratifying time I had there!"

The report notes that Foley's departure was his own choice, not a situation of him being cut from the staff. For the time being, he'll be taking over his father's Twitter account while Mick takes a break from the social media site.

Foley has worked with the WWE creative team since 2016, starting as an assistant and growing into a writer for "NXT" and "205 Live", where he spent time as the lead writer. When "205 Live" shut down after 269 episodes, Foley took to social media and wrote, "Slap in the face." It wasn't certain the comment was directly related to the show being canceled, but the timing aligns perfectly with his words.

Foley made appearances on the WWE Network reality series "Holey Foley!" which ran for one season from August 2016 – January 2017.