Tony D’Angelo & Santos Escobar Settle Turf War At NXT In Your House

The turf war finally came to a head at WWE NXT: In Your House and it will be Legado Del Fantasma joining the ranks of Tony D'Angelo and his wiseguys.

The Capitol Wrestling Center was heartedly behind Legado Del Fantasma as both factions made their way to the ring to kick off the premiere live event and that allegiance stood as the match carried on. D'Angelo and Santos Escobar teased that they were starting the match, but that fight took place later on.


It was Cruz Del Toro who became the isolated man before he ended up making the hot tag to Escobar. Santos wiped out all of the Don's Family and LDF all dove to the outside on their adversaries.

There were several close calls with LDF almost getting the win, but matters began changing when weapons were introduced into the bout. Brass knuckles were presented on behalf of LDF while the notorious crowbar came into the hands of "The Family." Those weapons changed hands and ultimately became the outcome of the bout. It was Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo who got popped with the crowbar that left him out on his feet, but D'Angelo saw the window of opportunity to crack Joaquin Wilde with the brass knucks.  Troy "Two Dimes" Donovan had the wherewithal to shove the loopy Lorenzo on top of Wilde to get the pinfall victory. Santos Escobar was left astounded by the result as he came to the realization that LDF must fall in line with D'Angelo's army.


This turf war has been brewing for weeks as the two factions seemingly came to a "peace treaty" before Santos Escobar literally took the first shot by jabbing Tony D'Angelo's consigliere in the gut before abducting him. Tensions and stakes grew higher and higher, especially when Escobar beat D'Angelo with help from brass knuckles. The parties met on the go-home episode of NXT 2.0 on Escobar's private yacht to accept the challenge and the stipulation.