“Wrestler’s Court” was never in session for Shelley Martinez and that’s one regret the former WWE star will take with her. In a recent conversation with “Wrestling Shoot Interviews,” Martinez talked about the former tension she had with Dave Bautista before the two patched things up over Twitter and eventually in-person at the movie premiere of Marvel’s “The Eternals.”

“I used to think for a long time that [Bautista] was responsible for my firing, but then I remembered, ‘Dude, I told off Shawn Michaels, dude, I told off Randy Orton.’ Like, that was the last straw, and my reasoning behind telling all three of those guys off was all for me sticking up for myself, so I figured, ‘That’s just not the place for me if I get punished for sticking up for myself.'”

Sticking up for herself may have gotten Martinez in hot water with some big name stars, but it never caused her to sit at the “stand” in front of her wrestling peers with the honorable judge Undertaker presiding.

“And by the way, something that bothers me, how come I never got a chance to go to wrestler’s court? How come everyone else and their mom got to, but how come I didn’t get to go do Wrestler’s Court? How come, if people had all these problems with me, I wasn’t allowed to go to Wrestler’s Court? I don’t get it and that still bothers me to this day.”

Martinez mentions how Melina went to Wrestler’s Court and so did Shawn Daivari but she was never summoned.

“Some of them, it was just kind of like ‘whatever’ stuff, but I felt like l deserved to go to wrestler’s court, but I guess they felt like, ‘Just get rid of that b---h. She’s just a problem (laughs), just get rid of her! Creative has nothing!'”

Martinez was a member of the WWE roster from 2006 to 2007 and competed under the ECW brand under the identity of Ariel. She competed in a few matches but was primarily a valet for Kevin Thorn.

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