Adam Cole Comments On Current Relationship With HBK And Triple H

Adam Cole's time in WWE NXT can be explained in one word: Elite. The 32-year-old is the longest-reigning NXT Champion, having held the belt for 403-days, but that's not the only accomplishment Cole met in NXT. He's also the second Triple Crown Champion for NXT, a winner of the Dusty Rhodes Classic with Kyle O'Reilly in 2018, and has also won seven year-end awards including winning Male Competitor of the Year twice.

During his time dominating the brand, Cole became very close with Triple H, the Founder of NXT, and Shawn Michaels, long-time coach and producer for the brand. The longest-reigning NXT Champion even stated that Michaels was integral in his decision-making when choosing whether to leave WWE or not. With Cole leaving for AEW, the former NXT Champion spoke about whether or not he keeps in touch with the DX members.

"I still, to this day, keep in conversation, in touch with both of them," Cole said as a guest on "The Kurt Angle Show." "All of it is just, 'Hey, how are you? Thinking of you, wishing you the best.' That type of thing."

Many fans wondered why Cole spent five years with WWE's developmental brand to not being called up to the main roster at any point. The 32-year-old has stated on the record since departing WWE that had he resigned with the company, Vince McMahon would've brought him up to the main roster but under a new name and with a different look.

As far as what Michaels and Triple H had to say about Cole departing NXT for the main roster at any point throughout his run with the company, he believes all three of them weren't focused on it but rather focusing on making NXT the third brand of WWE.

"There wasn't a huge discussion from either of them about going to Raw or SmackDown," Cole said. "Not as in it was an uncomfortable thing to talk about, but I guess the way I'll put it is there really was a core group of guys in NXT that was so laser-focused on that one thing, making NXT special. I think they knew and they, themselves weren't even thinking about it as well.

"I think, also, especially with NXT trying to be this new show on Wednesdays, they probably would've been nervous or scared of the idea of like, 'Oh my god, they just took four of our top NXT stars, now what're we going to do?'"

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