The wrestling world can breathe a collective sigh of relief as it pertains to the in-ring future of Adam Cole.

Fans of the AEW star were understandably worried when reports suggested that Cole had suffered “a very serious concussion” during his match at the Forbidden Door pay-per-view in June. Furthermore, in the lead-up to the AEW x NJPW crossover event, a report from Fightful Select revealed Cole had been “battling a series of injuries,” including a torn labrum, for several months.

In a recent interview with Wrestle Buddies, Cole provided an encouraging update on his health.

“I’m doing OK,” Cole emphasized. “I’m definitely on the path, on the track to recovery, for sure. I have a great team around me that’s helping me, making sure that I’m taken care of to the best of my ability. AEW has been fantastic, as far as making sure I get the right care that I deserve. I feel like I’m progressing, and moving forward, every single week.”

Cole continued, “I was pretty banged up. Again, for 14 years being in the pro wrestling industry, I think the most time I ever had off – as far as traveling and being on the road – was one month. I’ve been going, going, going nonstop. Eventually, our bodies kinda catch up to us, and I had a couple of things that were kind of lingering. And with what happened at Forbidden Door [concussion], but I feel good. I feel very confident I’ll be back in the ring soon. I’m excited to be back.  I miss it so much already. But yes, I’m feeling good.”

When the podcast co-hosts expressed how frightened they were to hear about Cole’s reported concussion, the wrestler admitted he was scared for himself too.

“Injuries like that can be a little bit scary, not just for me but for everybody,” Cole said. “Fortunately, the most important thing in a situation like that is having a good team of people who know what they’re doing and are concerned about your wellbeing. And that was definitely the case for me.”

In conclusion, Cole teased an imminent return to in-ring action.

“I’m getting the proper care that I need, and I’ll be good to go in no time. But yeah, I was definitely scared for me too.”

As noted earlier, Adam Cole has opted not to have surgery to fix his torn labrum, according to Dave Meltzer. Cole is reportedly undergoing physical therapy on his shoulder as opposed to going under the knife.

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