Alexa Bliss Addresses Botched Spots From Women's WWE MITB Match

Earlier this month, former WWE "Raw" and "Smackdown" Women's Champion Alexa Bliss took part in WWE's annual Money in the Bank premium live event as a competitor in the match the event is titled after. Unfortunately, she would come up short of current WWE "Smackdown" Women's Champion, Liv Morgan. The match came under fire on social media after a few mishaps from one of the competitors, Shotzi.

In a recent interview with "Metro", Alexa Bliss commented on botched spots featuring fellow WWE Superstar, Shotzi.

"Everyone felt good, we're all safe – which is what's important," said Bliss. She continued her statement and went on to say, 'It was a chaotic day from start to finish. We all got through it, we all had fun. We were all really happy for Liv – it's her time, it's long overdue."

Shtozi left Twitter earlier this month after coming under heavy criticism after Money in the Bank. Of course, before making the decision to leave the social media platform, Shotzi commented on people bashing her, saying, 'There are 3 things I care about at the end of a match. Is everyone safe? Did everyone have fun? Did the crowd react?' The Smackdown star went on to say she was able to tick off all three boxes in Las Vegas at Money in the Bank.

"Nobody got hurt. We all had a blast and the Vegas crowd was hot! I felt on top of the world after that match and was so excited to finally have my first hardcore match in over a year." Shotzi is correct in her statement as no injuries came out of the Women's Money in the Bank ladder match and the crowd in Las Vegas was on fire that night.

Shotzi's last comment on the matter included her defending herself, saying that she's not a wrestle robot. "I wouldn't have done anything I didn't practice or thought I couldn't do safely. But I'm not a wrestle robot, I'm human and slips happen especially in a CHAOTIC UNPREDICTABLE ladder match!"