Becky Lynch And Asuka Check On Each Other After Physical WWE Raw Match (Video)

Becky Lynch and Asuka clearly share a lot of mutual respect for one another.

As seen in the video below, Lynch and Asuka appeared to check on each other's health following their No Holds Barred match that headlined the special 7/4 "WWE Raw" episode.

The brutal match saw all sorts of foreign objects being used, including tables, chairs, kendo sticks and even a trash can. There was also a spot where Asuka superplexed Lynch onto a bed of chairs from the top rope. Asuka also placed a trash can, which she brought with her to the match, over Lynch's head and hit her rival with a top rope dropkick.

Some highlights from the match can be seen below.

The match felt like the end of the storied Lynch vs. Asuka rivalry that dates back several years.Β Asuka has been in a program with Lynch ever since she returned from injury in May, defeating Big Time Becks in two singles matches on the 5/16 and 6/20 episodes of the Red Brand's show. Asuka would also defeat Lynch in a series of matches at recent WWE live events in May. Prior to Monday, Lynch's only recent win over Asuka came on the 5/23 "Raw" where she pinned the Empress of Tomorrow in a grudge match.