Big E Addresses Whether Or Not He Will Ever Wrestle Again

Big E has addressed his future in the square circle after breaking his neck earlier this year during the March 11 edition of "SmackDown."

In an interview with "The MMA Hour," Big E stated that he is currently unsure if he will ever be able to wrestle again, with doctors telling him that if he breaks his neck again it could be "even worse and more catastrophic."


He provided an update on his injury, saying that when he initially sustained the injury back in March, he was told that he would be able to return in three months. When doctors did another scan at the 8-week mark, his neck looked worse than it previously had. After the 12-week mark, his C-1 had been healed fibrously but had not yet ossified, meaning that if someone bumped him, it would not break his neck again. However, he is not yet ready to make his in-ring return. He also mentioned that the current plan is to look at his neck again in March next year and get a prognosis from there.

Big E continued to say that he has put his body through a lot after the various injuries he picked up in his sports career over the years. He said that his perspective has shifted over the years and has thoroughly enjoyed his time working for WWE.


"When I got hired, I was 23 ... I think it was a time in my life where if I had died in the ring, cool. I got to do what I love, and I went out there in the ring. Now at 36, having worked through a lot of those things and being mentally healthier, this job has allowed me to meet so many different people from so many different walks of life and have so many different experiences."

Big E went on to say that he thinks about what his life will be like after 36. He says that while he still feels great, he must think about the miles he is putting on his body and the damage he is doing to it. He stated that there are various other things that he would like to do with his life, but he is not making any decisions anytime soon.

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