Cody Rhodes Gives 'Somewhat Arrogant' Response Regarding WWE Return

Cody Rhodes has a chip on his shoulder, and he's proud of it.

Cody drove around in a Chevy Silverado with Montez Ford on a recent episode of Chevrolet Trucks' "Grit and Glory" show. During the scenic drive, Ford asked Rhodes point blank about why he decided to come back to WWE, after leaving the company in 2016.

"Well I'll give you a somewhat arrogant answer," Rhodes began, though was quick to note that he didn't "mean it with arrogance," but the former AEW Executive Vice President felt that "for two-three years nobody's been able to touch me in the ring," but admits that the only way he could say those feelings out loud "without a little bit of doubt" was by having what he described as "that chip."

Rhodes went on to describe it as "having extra motivation for the biggest prize in our world which would be the WWE Championship." WWE officials seem to agree with Rhodes, as the American Nightmare was penciled in as a major opponent for WWE Champion Roman Reigns before Rhodes had to take time off to repair a torn pectoral muscle. Rhodes is likely to receive a hero's welcome when he finally returns from his recuperation.

Rhodes isn't looking for laudation from the WWE roster, in fact, he hopes his "arrogant" answer lights a fire under everyone, including Ford. "If I'm telling you in any sport, in any form of performance, entertainment," Rhodes continued, "if I'm telling you 'I'm the best,' and you have pride in what you do, you should be saying 'nah, I'm the best.'"

"That makes everybody greater," Ford chimed in. The former WWE Raw Tag Team Champion seemed to really take in Rhodes's advice about believing in yourself, as ultimately it's to the ultimate benefit of the audience.

"In the end, who wins when you make that claim? The fans win."

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