Eric Bischoff Thinks WWE Executive Is 'Gonna Walk'

Eric Bischoff isn't sure what more Kevin Dunn has to prove in WWE.

On the latest episode of "83 Weeks," Bischoff discussed the shocking and historic resignation of Vince McMahon in the wake of a wave of allegations of sexual misconduct. That included talk of all the players in the game, including the longtime executive producer and chief of global television distribution.

"He's gone through it all and now he's in this," Bischoff said. "At one point, does a guy like Kevin Dunn go, 'F*ck, I've got enough money, man, and I kinda dig Florida. This boat is sweet.' Cocktail at the country club at 2:00 in the afternoon on Wednesdays, not a bad way to spend an afternoon, or I can go back to work and start over in terms of a process and continue to ride this thing. I think Kevin is one of those people that was there as much out of loyalty, maybe more so out of loyalty than he was out of money, unless there's something coming up that we don't know about."

Dunn reportedly first got work with WWE after his father notoriously saved a bunch of WWF tapes from a burning trailer years back, and McMahon felt indebted to the family after this act of video valor. Dunn continued to build a professional relationship with McMahon and moved up the ranks to his current position, where he's frequently blamed by wrestling fandom for WWE's cut-heavy style. With McMahon finally making his exit, Bischoff doesn't think Dunn will be far behind.

"I think Kevin's out," he said. "There's my prediction. I think Kevin's gonna walk. I can't imagine at this stage of his life wanting to continue the grind when you've accomplished so much."

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