AJ Styles and Dolph Ziggler were brought together on WWE TV by their mutual disdain for Theory, but could they be a permanent team going forward?

On the 7/25 “WWE Raw” episode, Ziggler & Styles teamed up for the first time ever in a win against Alpha Academy. During the course of the match, they implemented a lot of tandem offense, a sign that WWE could be serious about a Styles-Ziggler union.

Another sign of them possibly a team going forward is that they walked side-by-side up the ramp rather than as individuals. As seen below, they would also perform an in-sync pose before WWE went to a commercial.

Earlier on the show, Ziggler explained in a backstage interview his decision to target Theory over the past few weeks.

“I just think he needs to be taught a lesson,” Ziggler said. “I’ve seen thousands of them come and go, everything he’s accomplished this quickly, I think it’s too early for him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great athlete, and almost as handsome as I am.”

Styles then walked in and told Ziggler, “I can appreciate what you’re doing.”

This was followed by the Alpha Academy issuing a challenge to Ziggler & Styles for a match.

The seeds for the potential new team were planted last week on “WWE Raw” when Ziggler showed up ringside during a Theory vs. Styles match, super kicking Theory on the outside to help The Phenomenal One pick up the win via count out.

Fans on social media have been buzzing about a potential Ziggler & Styles team. Both future WWE Hall of Famers have held several versions of the WWE Tag Team Titles over the years.

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