Fred Rosser Wants To Defend NJPW Strong Title Against Top AEW Star

The current NJPW Strong Openweight Champion, Fred Rosser, has his sights set on some big-name opponents to defend his newly won championship against. Speaking with "Forbes", Rosser named who his dream opponent is without any hesitation

"Jon Moxley. I believe he'd bring the best out of me, and vice versa. I don't think people would expect us to have a banger match, but I really feel deep in my heart that we would have a banger," Rosser said.

Winning the NJPW Strong Openweight Championship was no easy task for the dedicated New Japan star, as he had to face the first and only champion that held the title for 397 — Tom Lawlor.

"Working with Tom Lawlor—a lot of people don't like competition. A lot of people do not like competition, but I love competition. I take it head-on. I like when an S.O.B. is better than me because it's going to push me to go further, it's going to push me to be sharp in the ring and to be in the ring and to be on my game. So I love Tom Lawlor, and I love Jon Moxley so I'd love to share the ring with them. We would both bring the best out of one another."

Rosser continues making his own paths to success despite having been released from WWE as "Darren Young" back in 2017. Being rejected by top-name promotions like WWE and AEW doesn't discourage Rosser from fighting to reach the top of a nationally televised company someday. Instead, he says he "did not take no for an answer, I put my head down and went to work."

"A bucket list of mine is definitely working in Japan, doing Forbidden Door in Japan, and maybe someday working with AEW. I've made it public that they said no to me, not once, but twice. And WWE also said no to me over 40 times."