Would Fred Rosser Let Anthony Bowens Scissor Him?

It's been what some would call rough for AEW star Anthony Bowens recently. Not only were he and Acclaimed partner Max Caster betrayed by former allies the Gunn Club last week on "AEW Dynamite", but they were also double-crossed by Austin and Colten Gunn's father, Billy Gunn, meaning that poor Bowens will scissor with his formerly beloved Daddy Ass no more. Fortunately for Bowens, even if he no longer has a friend in Billy Gunn, he's got a supporter in one Fred Rosser, formerly known as WWE's Darren Young.

The current New Japan Strong Openweight Champion talked a bit about Bowens during an interview with Forbes and revealed whether fans could perhaps see a match between him and Bowens someday soon.

"'As Vince McMahon would say, 'Never say never in the World Wrestling Entertainment,'" Rosser joked. "That's my worst Vince McMahon impersonation, but never say never."

More importantly than a potential match, though, was Rosser's answer to the question everyone wants to know: Would he be willing to replace Billy Gunn and become the new person Bowen's scissors with?

"I would love him to scissor me," Rosser said. "But you've got to understand that when he gets in the ring with Mr. No Days Off, I'm a different breed. My style is different. You can't prepare for me."

Before Bowens can even think about getting in the ring with Rosser, however, it is likely he will have to come face-to-face with his former friends-turned-Benedict Asses. His partner, Caster, has already promised a diss track directed at the Gunn Club, and Austin, Billy, and Colten are all scheduled to appear on tonight's episode of "AEW Rampage", where they will address why they betrayed The Acclaimed last week. It is expected The Acclaimed will confront the Ass Boys and father during this address.

Young was famously the first out gay man to wrestle for WWE, and Bowens recently mentioned him in an interview where he talked about his own experiences as a gay man in the wrestling industry.