Will Vince McMahon ever return to the WWE Universe following his retirement and a myriad of allegations against him? On his podcast, “Wrestling With Freddie,” former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. weighed in on the chances that we ever see McMahon back in the WWE fold.

“Everybody comes back,” Prinze Jr. said to special guest co-host, Jeff Dye.  “John Laurinaitis has been fired before and comes back. Bruce Prichard was fired before and came back twice.”

It was Dye who opened up the theory that McMahon would eventually find a way into back into the fold once more and Prinze agreed with that point. He started by looking at the recent on-screen rehabilitation of a Hall of Famer.

“As anti-climatic as that is, as it defeats the point of retirement, I actually totally agree with you and I’m not trying to be a conspiracy theorist,”  “Ric Flair just said publicly, ‘Vince promised me, I would get back in the opening credits of WWE. Every promise he’s ever made me, he’s kept,’ and now Ric is back in the opening segment of Monday Night Raw and it’s one of those things where when that episode of ‘Dark Side Of The Ring’ came out, it was, ‘Hey man, you need to disappear for awhile. Your behavior on the plane was inappropriate then and in today’s day and age it’s just going to be smashed on so you have to go away, but when it all blows over, we’ll bring you back.'”

Prinze Jr., who worked on the creative team for WWE back in 2008 and 2009 (and to his former point, came back as a producer in 2010) went on to discuss how Flair’s road map to WWE redemption could be similar to McMahon’s.

“He still owns almost all of the controlling stock,” said Prinze Jr., describing the strong difference between controlling stock and regular stock. Prinze Jr. used to own some of the latter, but it’s McMahon who technically still holds all the power for WWE on Wall Street. “He still has I think 80-85% of the voting stock. Where’s he going to go? What’s he going to do?”

McMahon resigned from his positions as Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and director of WWE after allegations of him handing out “hush money” to former female employees began to come to light. It is now his daughter Stephanie McMahon in the role of Chairwoman, she is also Co-CEO alongside fellow Co-CEO Nick Khan. McMahon’s son-in-law, Triple H, is now the Head Of Talent Relations as well as head of creative.

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