Vince McMahon On Cover Of Major News Outlet In Wake Of Retirement And Allegations

Earlier this morning, in the hours following the announcement of Vince McMahon's retirement, the Wall Street Journal was delivered. Wrestling fans will have no problem identifying the man on the newspaper's cover this Saturday.


The front page of today's Wall Street Journal was newly retired former WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, with a headline alluding to his allegations and retirement. After weeks of being investigated for allegedly paying $12 million in company money to former employees he had affairs with, McMahon retired yesterday. That story was initially brought to light because of the Wall Street Journal, and it's been teased by more WSJ writers that new stories may emerge soon.

Not only is McMahon out of the company, but so is John Laurinaitis, amidst allegations against him as well. After the news broke of the allegations against McMahon, he stepped down momentarily as Chairman and CEO, allowing his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, to take over. This didn't last long, though, as McMahon, of course, retired yesterday, allowing Stephanie and WWE President Nick Khan to take over full-time as co-CEOs. This has allowed for Triple H to be reinstated in the company as EVP after they put Bruce Prichard as interim Head of Talent Relations.


After news of Vince McMahon's retirement broke, many stars, such as Ric Flair and Kurt Angle, shared their thoughts and thanks to Vince over social media, along with wrestling fans alike. Not only were thanks given to Vince on social media, but Stephanie McMahon opened "SmackDown" last night to thank Vince along with the fans that were live in attendance.

Following Vince's retirement, it was announced that "SmackDown" stars Brock Lesnar and Max Dupri were not in the building as the show started; however, Lesnar showed up before the show went off the air. It is unknown if Dupri's absence was linked to McMahon, but reports indicate he was written out of the Maximum Male Models Storyline a few weeks ago. Lesnar has said in the past if Vince was gone, he would be as well, though, but The Beast Incarnate showed up at the end and attacked Mr. Money in the Bank, Theory.