Goldberg Addresses Bret Hart’s Animosity Towards Him

Bret Hart hates Bill Goldberg with the blazing, ultraviolet heat of a thousand suns. As consistent as the tides themselves is Bret Hart's grudge against Goldberg for a rogue kick to the head that cut down Bret Hart's wrestling career in what should've been its halcyon prime.

Goldberg recently appeared on "The Michael Kay Show" on the Yankees Entertainment Sports Network (YES Network), and talked about how he feels about Hart's relentless comments about Goldberg's in-ring abilities. The comments have apparently affected him both inside and outside the ring.

"As Goldberg the character and as Goldberg the human, there's no question about it," Goldberg said. "When an accident happens and you tell your side of the story and nobody believes it, especially the person who was negatively affected by it, it sucks." Hart has made it a regular talking point to bring up Goldberg's lack of in-ring awareness costing him his career, rating him a "0/10," and calling him things like "dangerous" and "a gorilla."

"I will take it to my grave," Goldberg continued, "because I'm sure that he will never forgive me." Hart's feelings about Goldberg have influenced others, as well — recently, AEW World Champion CM Punk side-swiped the former WCW Champion by saying that Hart should've been the one to be flying to Saudi Arabia and making millions of dollars with WWE, not Goldberg.

"What else can I say?" Goldberg asked. "I said I was sorry, that it was unintentional, that it was the furthest thing from my mind, I don't know, a million times, and those million times he's come back with 'Yes, it was intentional, he's a punk and he didn't know what I was doing, and it ruined my career.' So it sucks."

Goldberg concluded by saying that he tries not to dwell on it. "You can lead a horse to water and you can shove their face in the water, but you can't make them suck it up their esophagus." However, the WWE Hall of Famer did note that he was "pretty pissed off that [Hart] still harbors it, yeah, it sucks."

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