Goldberg Confirms Plan Was Initially For Him To Lose Big WWE Match

When Goldberg defeated "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 2020, ending his title reign and, in the eyes of many, killing the mystique and momentum of the character, fans were not happy, either with the company or with Goldberg himself. But for those who suspect the booking was a result of backstage politics on Goldberg's part, he's here to shut you down.

Goldberg recently received an opportunity to tell his side of the story, sitting down with Shakiel Mahjouri of CBS Sports.

"Let's put it this way, okay?" Goldberg said to Mahjouri. "I'm a talent, and I do what the boss tells me to do. I flew to Saudi Arabia knowing that I was gonna lose. Then, somehow, it changed, and the finish was different, and it surely wasn't me. Because it's an extremely selfish move... Who the hell am I, as a part-time guy, to come in and demand anything? Truly, I mean I'm not. Vince gave me opportunities that, you know, maybe I didn't deserve in the past so I owe that man just about everything."

"I've never said 'no' to putting anybody over," Goldberg continued. "Maybe back at WCW I didn't agree with putting Jericho over or something like that ... but not in a million years in that Fiend situation in Saudi would I have done that. No way in hell."

Goldberg said previously in an interview that he did question the decision to be put over "The Fiend" considering how hot of an act Wyatt was. He told Mahjouri he'd like the chance to clear the air with Wyatt.

"I'd love to see him face-to-face and make sure there's not one percent of his being that believes that I changed that match," he said.

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