How Much Wealthier Is Vince McMahon After Stepping Down From WWE Creative?

Vince McMahon is retiring in controversy amidst an investigation by WWE's board of directors into hush money payments paid out to former female employees to silence allegations of harassment, misconduct, and abuse, and the whole situation is going to make him approx. $144 million richer.

According to "Forbes," McMahon's net worth has been re-estimated at nearly $2.5 billion, up $144 million from today's sharp rise in WWE's stock price. The stock comes as WWE's latest filing with the SEC notes that they will be amending past financial reports to the $14.6 million paid out to former employees. According to WWE, even if McMahon made the payments from personal funds, the payments were of WWE's benefit and therefore should be recorded as such. The financial windfall represents a 10-time return on the hush money payments for McMahon.

McMahon initially stepped down from corporate duties while maintaining control over the company's creative direction, but that changed on Friday when McMahon announced his retirement in full. With McMahon gone, former-WWE Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis is also gone from the company due to the allegations by former employees.

"Wall Street" reacted positively to the news that McMahon's daughter Stephanie would be taking over as Chairwoman of WWE and sharing the CEO position with WWE President Nick Khan. McMahon's son-in-law Triple H has not only taken over Laurinaitis's position heading Talent Relations but was announced as the new head of WWE creative earlier today. Bruce Prichard had been handling Talent Relations initially, as Laurinaitis was almost immediately placed on administrative leave after news of his and Vince's behavior broke in June.

"WWE Raw" is live from Madison Square Garden tonight, and McMahon will not be there, marking the end of an era. MSG has been known for decades as McMahon's home turf, but that will all change starting with tonight's episode of the red brand.