Jim Ross Got Pissed Off When Brock Lesnar Hit Specific Move

Brock Lesnar has had many big matches at WrestleMania, but one of his most memorable 'Mania moments isn't going to be one of his career highlights when 'The Beast Incarnate' decides to hang up the boots.

While On "Grilling JR," WWE Hall of Famer and commentator for AEW Jim Ross recalled getting pissed off when Brock Lesnar attempted a specific maneuver during his WrestleMania XIX match against Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship.

"I don't need to see a 300-pound man doing a Shooting Star Press, and when he did it at WrestleMania XIX, I was pissed," Ross said. "Why do it? It's a spot. That's all it is, and a guy that's a national champion should be able to convincingly beat his adversary in various ways without risking his godd*amn career."

Midway into the main event match, Lesnar attempted the Shooting Star Press from the top rope on Angle; however, Angle was far from the ropes, and Brock seemed to hesitate, which resulted in Lesnar concussing himself. Lesnar would go on to finish the match and win the WWE Championship, but that would be Angle's last match for the company for over two months as Angle recovered from injury.

Lesnar lost the title back to Angle later that year at Vengeance 2003 in a triple threat that also involved The Big Show. Lesnar won the title back from Angle on an episode of "SmackDown" after a 60-minute Iron Man Match and held that title for 152 days before dropping it to Eddie Guerrero at No Way Out 2004. When he took on Goldberg, Lesnar wrestled his final match in the company for multiple years at WrestleMania XX.

Nearly a decade after he left WWE in 2004, Lesnar returned to the company in 2012 and has since been a part-timer for the majority of his second run, winning the WWE Championship four more times and the Universal Championship on three occasions, with his first reign with the title lasting over 500 days.

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