Brock Lesnar Discusses Botched Shooting Star Press To Kurt Angle

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar joined The Michael Kay Show to talk about all sorts of subjects, including his first run in WWE starting in the company's developmental system in 2000 through 2004. Brock Lesnar talked about how many people did things to help him grow as a performer back then, and that he always expressed a willingness to learn.


"A lot of people did for me," Lesnar said. "I always had this, I don't know, an approachable personality. Like just for the willingness of wanting to learn. I never was scared to go ask a stupid question. I just never did. I didn't care if I got the answer, 'no.' I just didn't care. I want to know. 'Will you watch my match?' 'Yeah.' 'Or tell me how I can do this differently.'

"If they told me to screw off, so be it. But I've always been coachable. Always. I didn't get this way by just paving my own path. Like I was always eyes wide open, ears wide open. If my mouth was open, it was asking who, what, why, when, where. You know, that was it."

One famous moment from Brock Lesnar's first run in WWE was when he botched a Shooting Star Press in the main event of WrestleMania XIX. Lesnar suffered a concussion but still went on to defeat Kurt Angle in the match to win the WWE Championship. Lesnar admitted the attempt at the move was a mistake.


"That was foolish on my behalf," Lesnar admitted. "So you get people, producers, and people from higher up in the company that they always want this WrestleMania moment. And this would, you know, be fantastic and so I practiced it the night before. I was doing it in Ohio Valley Wrestling when I was being trained. So I'm a 310-pound man, six foot three, doing a front backflip off the top rope and landing on my opponent and winning matches.

"Mr. Perfect, Curt Hennig, bless his soul, he said 'you don't need to do that, you know? Stop doing that.' And thankfully, I didn't break my neck or anything like that. But I shouldn't have done that move. I finished the move, I had a concussion. Or I finished the match, I had a concussion. But thankfully, I didn't (break my neck), that was the worst of it."

Brock Lesnar did say that Kurt Angle was a big help in getting him through the rest match and taking care of him. He also feels however that Angle should've just rolled him over and pinned him right after the botch occurred.

"Kurt helped me through," Lesnar said. "Kurt was talking to me saying 'Hey,' you know? But Kurt should've just rolled me over and pinned me. He should've just said, 'Hey, that's enough kid.'"


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