Jim Ross Names Benefit That Helps AEW Recruit Talent

AEW has many new talents on their television shows as well as on their two Youtube shows — "AEW: Dark" and "AEW Dark: Elevation."

While on "Grilling JR", WWE Hall of Famer and current commentator for AEW, Jim Ross, named a benefit AEW has that helps the company recruit talent.

"AEW, we don't even do the house shows," Ross said. "Our guys work a travel day and a production day, so they've got one of the best schedules in the history of pro wrestling, and are making good money in AEW, and their longevity is going to increase, I think we'll see. I think what's always going to be great for us, as far as recruiting talent, is the fact that we've got a schedule that's family-friendly for the talent. [It's the] first time ever."

"AEW: Dynamite" is on weekly on TBS at 8 P.M. EST every week, a two-hour show that is jam-packed with action and storylines. Prior to "Dynamite," AEW will tape "AEW Dark: Elevation" which then is broadcasted on YouTube the following Monday. Following "Dynamite", the company normally tapes "AEW: Rampage," a show that airs on TNT Friday nights at 10 P.M. for an hour until 11 P.M.

AEW films "AEW: Dark" in Universal Studios, which typically sees the stars of AEW take on independent wrestlers who are not currently signed to the company. "AEW: Dark" tapes only about once a month in Universal Studios in the same location where the Impact Zone used to be for Impact Wrestling. The Impact Zone has since been renamed Soundstage 19, and they will use said location for their upcoming "Dark" tapings on July 16th. The only other time talent would travel for an AEW event is for Pay-Per-Views, which they typically hold 4 each year.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "Grlling JR" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.