Johnny Gargano Names Standout Talents On Current WWE NXT Roster

Johnny Gargano may no longer be part of WWE after his contract expired, but he revealed to "Good Karma Wrestling" that he still watches the product. Deep down, he notes that he is "a wrestling fan, so I just enjoy things as they come."

The current "NXT 2.0" product is very different from the black and gold brand that he was part of, and because of that, Gargano doesn't believe they can be compared, as he said, "Honestly, I think it's a completely different product and they're doing something completely new.

"I totally understand it, they went to more of a strictly developmental program, which I totally get," he said. "They're building people for the future and they have a lot of great gems there and a lot of people that should turn out and hopefully become superstars one day."

There are specific people that Gargano believes have huge potential to be stars, two of which just recently ignited their own feud after this Tuesday's NXT.

"Cora Jade and Roxanne, in general, have a special place in my heart because they're kind of just like me, they're fans growing up that dreamed of wrestling for WWE and dreamed of doing this," he said. "Now those two girls are getting the opportunity to go out there and live their dream and show their passion to the world and make things happen. So, I am super happy to see those two get an opportunity."

Another wrestler on the brand that he sees big things for is Indi Hartwell, someone that Gargano got the chance to work closely with during their time in The Way faction alongside Theory and Candice LeRae. She managed to hold the "NXT" Women's Tag Team Titles with LeRae during that time, but has been used more for comedic segments as of late.

"Indi Hartwell's still there. She's my daughter and I think the world of her. I think she is a superstar in every sense of the word, I think she just needs an opportunity and she's going to shock the world," he said. "She's someone that you turn the light on, and man, she will be entertaining. She is not just entertaining in the ring but as we've seen with the wedding and things like that, I think Indi is such an untapped diamond that they haven't tapped into yet."

Since leaving WWE, Gargano has not stepped back inside of the ring for a match, but he has begun doing signings and meet and greets while fans patiently await to see what his next move will be.

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