Kenny King Criticizes Detainment Of His 15-Year-Old Daughter

It was a difficult end to the last week for Impact Wrestling star Kenny King. On Friday, the Honor No More member took to Twitter and drew attention to a situation involving his daughter that occurred Thursday at the LAS Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"My 15-year-old daughter was harassed by law enforcement yesterday at LAS Airport, please read [and] RT," King tweeted. "Help me hold them accountable."

Also included in the tweet was a long statement from King, who revealed his daughter had been detained due to a case of mistaken identity. King alleged that the officer didn't identify himself before placing his daughter's arms behind her back, and that there was no attempt to calm his daughter or to contact King himself or the girl's mother. In the statement, King also stated he believed the detainment was a cooperative effort between law enforcement and American Airlines and vowed their actions wouldn't stand.

Over the weekend, the Vegas-based Fox 5 network reached out to King, who provided further details, revealing he had dropped his daughter off at the airport in order for her to fly to see her mother in Texas. King himself flew out to Texas and only learned of his daughter's detainment once he landed. He reiterated that the officer didn't identify himself prior to detainment.

"My question, is why were the questions of 'Who are you, what is your name, and identify yourself,' why were those things not done before you placed your hands on my 15-year-old daughter?" Layne asked Fox 5. "As far as I know, it was a plainclothes officer. It wasn't someone in a uniform. [He] comes up to her, grabs her by the arm tells her to put her arms behind her back and she's like 'Well what do you mean?' They are like, 'No, shut up and do it.'"

As he had in his original statement, King told Fox 5 that his daughter was released after another young woman, said to be around 21 years old, was identified as the culprit of an unknown act. King's daughter would tell him that the only resemblance between her and the 21-year-old was that they were both light-skinned, with their appearance otherwise being completely different.

As for whether King's daughter has gotten any sort of apology, he revealed this exchange between her and the officer:

"The original officer just kind of says to my daughter 'Oh you know, sorry about that, these things happen every day,'" King said, going on to call the incident "unacceptable."