Kevin Owens clearly holds no animosity against the World Wildlife Fund for forcing WWE to get the “F” out with his new panda-themed t-shirt. Owens’ latest WWE merch has a panda portraying him in a “Fight Owens Fight” tee. The shirt itself simply says, “Kevin Owens Rules” above the animation, however, it appears Owens may think that of the animated animal as well.

“For those asking why there’s a panda on my new shirt on WWE Shop, allow me to explain,” Owens Tweeted. “Here’s what happened:

“Joe: ‘What do you want on your next shirt?’

“Me: ‘I don’t know. A panda?’

“Joe: ‘A panda? Why?!’

“Me: ‘Because pandas rule!’

“Joe: ‘Ok!'”

Owens clearly isn’t a panda, but the former WWE Universal Champion could easily find himself confused as he has a heck of a time distinguishing the differences between Ezekial and Elias. Owens has been dead set on proving that Ezekial really is Elias, but Ezekial has thwarted Owens’ efforts at exposing his alleged identity at every turn. The relatively new WWE Raw star has gone so far as to have his brother appear on-screen with him two weeks ago on “WWE Raw.”

Owens was set to have a match against Ezekial, Elias, or their other “brother” Elrod, but that match was pulled from the card and the commentators said it would be rescheduled. Owens hasn’t been on WWE television since the June 20 episode of “Raw.” However, Ezekial has stayed active despite the feud with Owens being put on hold. On Monday’s Fourth of July edition of “Raw”, Ezekial inadvertently got ketchup on Seth Rollin’s outfit which prompted a match between the two. The battle was competitive, but Rollins ended up getting the victory over Ezekial following a stomp.

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