Leva Bates Clarifies Her Backstage AEW Roles

While on Thunder Rosa's Youtube Channel, AEW star Leva Bates spoke about her backstage roles.

During the Vlog episode, Bates revealed that she's a double contract, she's both talent and office. She runs the makeup department as well as the wardrobe department. She also does P.R. work for AEW.

"So, I don't know if a lot of people know this or not, I feel like I've been a little bit more open about it. I'm a double contract, which means I'm talent, but I'm also office," revealed Bates. "I run the makeup department, the wardrobe department, I do P.R., I co-run 'Heels'. I am like the connector between a lot of different departments, like especially if Speedy [AEW photographer] needs some help with like, 'Hey, I need the girls for a photoshoot' or, 'Can you help me out?'.

"So I guess help — basically, I do a lot of stuff that Brandi [Rhodes] and I did together. I'm still doing it so, I do a lot of things. I'm also the 'mood maker', I like to call myself. I do birthday cakes."

Bates first wrestled for AEW at Buy-In Fyter Fest 2019. Her most recent AEW match took place on the May 24 edition of "AEW: Dark," when she defeated Kiah Dream in about two minutes.

Below is the video:

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