Lil Scrappy Responds To AEW Dark Star's BattleSlam Challenge

The fight is on for Lil Scrappy in his backyard of Atlanta, as the rapper will be in singles wrestling competition on July 28.

Scrappy will be facing Baron Black at BattleSlam: The Takeover, which will be the third wrestling event Black's promotion has done. BattleSlam highlights the cross-over power between pro wrestling and hip-hop, a concept that will be taken to its logical conclusion when Scrappy becomes the first career rapper to wrestle for the promotion.  Scrappy got physical with Black at Battle Slam: The Fight For ATL when he gave the "AEW Dark" star a Rock Bottom, which incited a fight between the two. Earlier this month, Black cut a promo on Scrappy, challenging him to a match at The Takeover, and over the weekend, Scrappy responded with a video of his own.

"Everybody know Atlanta mine, Jack, feel me? I mean we don't even know you," Scrappy said. "You should be happy that I'm introducing you to my world, you know what I'm saying? And I'm happy to be involved in yours."

"I'm gonna change the whole wrestling game," Scrappy continued. "So as our worlds collide, Jack, on July 28, BattleSlam, you gonna be on your neck and your head again. Either it's gonna be the Scrap Bottom, Scrap Stunner or Scrap KO. Either or, you're on that floor, I'm gonna holler at you. Believe that, so face that."

Although Scrappy may be the first full-time rapper to grapple up for BattleSlam, plenty of talent with hip-hop ties have wrestled for the promotion. Names such as Max Caster and Myron Reed have competed, while live performances have been made by the likes of Pastor Troy and former WWE personality Josiah Williams.

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