Major Update On The Future Of WWE Raw’s ‘PG Era’

The TV-PG era of "WWE Raw" is coming to a close.

Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Podcast is reporting that "WWE Raw" will return to its TV-14 rating on July 18th, 2022. WWE's Monday night product remained PG for more than 5,000 days after it began, but the flagship program is officially back to its more mature roots.

Beginning on June 22nd, 2008, WWE took a more family-friendly approach, softening the on-screen product and removing professional wrestling staples like blood and cursing. The move coincided with Linda McMahon transitioning into a political career — McMahon lost two Senatorial campaigns in 2010 and 2012, both times running in Connecticut, losing to Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, respectively. However, McMahon was able to turn her failed political career into a successful tenure as head of the Small Business Administration under then-President (and WWE Hall of Famer) Donald Trump.

Many saw WWE's move to PG programming as a big win for the competition, as more bloodthirsty fans were able to seek out promotions like TNA/Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and of course, the burgeoning death match scene, which exploded in North America during WWE's time as all-ages entertainment. Most recently, All Elite Wrestling has emerged as the biggest competition to WWE since World Championship Wrestling folded in 2001, and has seen significant success with the  TV-14 shows "AEW Dynamite" and "AEW Rampage."

The news comes as WWE remains under scrutiny by investors and its own board of directors. A recent investigation into former WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon over alleged hush money payments to former female employees has taken the spotlight over the last month — McMahon stepped down from his corporate duties, but is still in charge of WWE's creative direction. It is not currently known if the move from TV-PG to TV-14 was a directive from Vince McMahon, Interim Chairwoman & CEO Stephanie McMahon, or someone else.

There's also been no reported change in status for "WWE SmackDown," which is likely remaining TV-PG unless otherwise reported.