Matt Hardy Reveals What Michael Hayes Keeps In His Fanny Pack

Michael Hayes is a proud representative of the fanny pack, and Matt Hardy knew what the Freebird was packing back in the Attitude Era. The latest "Extreme Life With Matt Hardy" had Matt recounting his first WWE Tag Team Title win when he and his brother Jeff defeated the Acolytes on the July 5, 1999 episode of WWE "Raw." Hayes was at ringside for the Hardys' historic win, and some fan questions were thrown Hardy's way after he watched the bout back. One happened to be what Hayes had in his fanny pack.

"Usually there would be keys, there would be money, and there would be one cigarette, if he could get it," Matt said. "He was always looking for one cigarette. He would try and bum a cigarette and have one cigarette. He would try to do that always after he would eat his food."

Hayes, like a superstitious baseball player, is a man of routine, and Hardy went over his manager's nightly process of unwinding.

"He would order food, he'd start drinking at the bar, he would, like, not eat his food. He would ask for a box, get it in a box, and take it back to his room, and then he would have a cigarette. That was his ritual every single night," Hardy said.

The Hardy Boyz were in their own hometown of North Carolina for their big win, and Hardy detailed some of their post-show party plans.

"We had a little celebration at Ruby Tuesday's and that's a weird place, but it was one of the few things that were open at that time of the night."

Many of Matt & Jeff's friends and family were on hand to see the brothers' big victory and showed up to celebrate, including their father and their friend Tracy Caddell, the late father of Cameron Grimes.

"We went into this Ruby Tuesday's and I remember Jeff and I, such a mark-ish thing, but we'd pop everybody. We put the belts on, we put our t-shirts lover, and then walked in and like, pulled up our shirts and [revealed] the belts. [It was a] big celebration, these guys walking in with the titles."

Hardy's most recent appearance on television wasn't as celebratory, as he was chokeslammed through a table by the newly heel Luchasaurus this past Wednesday on AEW "Dynamite." Hardy's on-air persona has gone down a more self-reflective route as he has begun to state that "karma" is possibly coming for him.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "Extreme Life With Matt Hardy" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.