New Romantic Storyline Teased On WWE Raw

Is a new kayfabe romance brewing in WWE?

On the 7/18 "WWE Raw" episode, Sarah Schreiber was preparing to interview The Miz to get his thoughts on Logan Paul ahead of the Miz TV segment planned for later on the show. Just then, Veer randomly entered the frame and stared down Schreiber for several seconds. He would then look at the camera, smile, and say "Boo!" before breaking into laughter.

After the segment, The Miz insinuated that Veer had developed a crush on Schreiber.

"I think he likes you," The Miz told Schreiber, before proceeding to talk about Logan Paul.

Subsequently, the USA Network Twitter handle also teased a romantic angle involving Veer and Schreiber.

Schreiber would later respond to the segment, as seen below.

The bizarre segment could also signal the start of a character change for Veer.

Veer hasn't wrestled a singles match on WWE TV since his win over Rey Mysterio on the June 13 "Raw" episode. Following that win, Veer was seen in the Last Chance Battle Royal on June 27 before being relegated to Main Event. In recent weeks, he has also wrestled the likes of Cedric Alexander and R-Truth at WWE live events. He also picked up a win over Mustafa Ali on Main Event recently.

Veer remains undefeated since his debut win over Dominik Mysterio in April.