Paul Wight Addresses The Potential Of AEW And WWE Big Men

Paul Wight was recently asked about who he feels is the next great giant of the professional wrestling industry, and if it were up to Wight, it wouldn't be anyone.

"That's a burden I wouldn't want to put on any giant," Wight said in a recent interview with The Sportster. "I remember I used to get stuck with that a lot back in the day ... nobody wants that burden."

While Wight doesn't believe any one giant should be carrying the industry, there are still some standouts as far as the former World Heavyweight Champion is concerned. "I think Omos is doing a great job with how they're introducing him," Wight said, noting that AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley have been integral to building up the aura of the massive wrestler. "Omos just needs to get reps in."

Wight went on to note that AEW has their own up-and-coming 7'2" giant, Santam Singh.

"He's an incredible athlete," Wight said. "Ex basketball player, so he's got the good footwork. He's got the giant hands and the whole nine yards."

"I've worked with him a little bit the past few weeks in the ring," Wight continued. "He's picking it up pretty fast but again, they're still green, they need time, they need to get their reps in."

Wight thinks fans have to be patient, but promoters have to be patient, as well. "You can't expect them to work at the level of a Kane or an Undertaker right off the bat," he explained. Wight also noted that while he was having big matches early in his career, he was on TV one night a week but wrestling four nights a week, against the likes of Sting and "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Wight even continued studying and learning during his time in WWE, saying he spent 10 years under Undertaker's "learning tree," and was "too stupid to get out from under [it]."

"It's tough," Wight concluded. "The business is changing ... the days of the giant-giants of old are numbered."