Raven Praises Top WWE Star As Most Creative Mind Ever In The Business

Raven became one of wrestling's most creative acts during the late 1990s era, and the former ECW Champion considers Paul Heyman to be a major reason why.

Raven joined Diamond Dallas Page and Jake Roberts on the latest episode of "DDP Snake Pit" as the trio reflected back on Raven's career, covering plenty of ground in WCW, WWE, and ECW. Raven has seen many bookers and promoters work their magic behind the scenes and in front of the camera, but he reservers particularly high praise for Heyman.

"Paul E. is the most creative mind I've ever seen in this business," Raven said. "The guy is so brilliant. The best work I've ever done in my career is with him."

"Bcause he would just let you go," Page added.

"But it wasn't just that," Raven replied. "What he would throw in. He'd go, 'What about that?'"

"I think Paul's one of the greatest geniuses ever and today, the best talker," said Page. "He's never lost the spot. He's always in the Bobby Heenan spot, you know?"

Heyman laid the groundwork for being a promotional mastermind in ECW, and a big talent in his extreme world was Raven. The former Scotty Flamingo found new life as a mysterious manipulator creating his own flock of misfits, being a part of major angles that involved Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer, and The Sandman.

"[Heyman] enabled me to do what I wanted to do and allowed me to have the creativity, and create masterpieces," Raven said.

These days, Heyman finds himself once again in the thick of WWE's world title picture as he manages reigning champion Roman Reigns, who will face another of Heyman's former clients, Brock Lesnar, at SummerSlam. Regardless of the outcome, don't expect Heyman to leave WWE anytime soon —he's happily locked in a long-term deal with the company that started in 2021.

Raven, meanwhile, last appeared in the audience during a 2020 episode of AEW Dynamite as speculation ran rampant about who the Dark Order's "Exalted One" was — it turned out to be the late, lamented Brodie Lee. Raven's most recent match came in February 2020 during an Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling show in Florida.

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