Paul Heyman recently revealed to Sports Media with Richard Deitsch, that he signed a new WWE contract last year.

This is a long-term agreement, with WWE making him an offer so good he couldn’t refuse it. The council of Roman Reigns also made it clear he’s locked in for a while.

“It was public knowledge that my contract was up last year, and I kept it very close to the vest,” said Heyman. “Because I am not one of these people that, A, want to negotiate in public. And B, I am reading an awful lot lately about who signed, for how long, and for how much, and I just never want that to be me. This much I will say, I re-signed with WWE last year, it was a long-term agreement. They created a situation where I would have been a fool not to take them up on their offer. So, I am locked in for a while.”

While he is signed in for a lengthy period, Paul Heyman also stated that he has some carveout dates. This is to allow him to take on projects outside of the company which he believes that is a good thing for both him and the company.

“I also, and this has been the case for a long time with me because I do have outside projects. Just because I like to multitask, and I am very ADD. I just can’t concentrate on one thing at a time ever in my life,” he said. “I have carveouts to allow me to do other projects, which is also to WWE’s benefit because I am locked into WWE as well.

“So, I am always going to be, ‘oh that WWE guy is doing this outside project.’ I would never do anything to betray my deal with WWE, because they went out of their way to make sure that I was here, I am happy, I am locked in, and we are mutually satisfied.”

Right now Heyman is busy working with Roman Reigns, however, he spoke about other talents he would be interested in. This includes members of the women’s division, like Ronda Rousey.

“It’s very difficult to imagine any scenario right now where I am not working full time with Roman Reigns,” Heyman posited. “If Roman were to take a year off right now, and WWE would want to ensure the benefit of paying me for the next 52 weeks, so they would want to exploit my character on television.

“Who would be the first person that I would point to, to say, ‘put me with them?’ It would be Ronda Rousey. I can’t tell you that 1a isn’t Charlotte Flair either and oppose Ronda Rousey. That would also be interesting to me.”

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