It’s no secret in the wrestling business that Rey Mysterio was close friends with Eddie Guerrero before his passing in 2005, both onscreen and offscreen. Mysterio once again reaffirmed this after he paid tribute to the late legend during tonight’s episode of “Raw”.

During the show, The Mysterios teamed up to take on The Judgment Day’s Finn Balor and Damian Priest. In the closing moments of the match, Balor and Rey Mysterio were the two legal men. Priest slid a chair into the ring to help out his partner, but Dominik Mysterio entered the ring to stop the exchange of the chair. Dominik got pushed away and while the referee was distracted, Rey hit the chair on the canvas. He fell over and tossed the chair over to Balor, pretending he was hit with it. The referee then turned around and saw Rey, passed out on the mat. He called for the bell, and the Mysterios picked up the win via disqualification in front of the fans in San Diego, California, their hometown crowd.

Guerrero, himself, invented the spot early on in his WWE career and famously executed it during one of his last matches before Survivor Series 2005. While the referee was knocked out, Latino Heat took advantage of the referee being incapacitated and grabbed a chair. He hit it on the canvas, threw the chair to his opponent in the ring, Mr Kennedy, and then fell over. When the referee came to, Kennedy was blamed and disqualified from the match, granting Guerrero a spot on the ’05 Survivor Series team. Unfortunately, he would pass away two days later and miss the pay-per-view.

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