Seth Rollins Addresses His WWE SummerSlam Match Being Cancelled

All of a sudden, Seth Rollins' match with Riddle is off for WWE SummerSlam, and he may not be appearing on the show at all.

Shortly after WWE announced that the match between Rollins and Riddle would be postponed due to Rollins attacking the former "Raw" Tag Team Champion on Monday, Fightful reported that the decision was a creative move rather than the result of an actual injury. That hasn't stopped Rollins from reacting, though, and his tone was decidedly different.


"For anyone who purchased a ticket to SummerSlam hoping to see me in action, I apologize," Rollins tweeted. "I did everything I could over the last 6 months to earn my spot on this show, but some things are out of my control. Thank you for always singing my song. They'll hear ya someday."

While it only makes sense to think of Rollins' tweet as being in-character — as one of WWE's top stars, he's well past the point of having to "earn his spot" on the SummerSlam card, and "They'll hear ya someday" is odd coming from a four-time world champion — Rollins thanking the fan base and apologizing to them in the same tweet doesn't exactly gel with the well-established heel he's been portraying. The tone of the tweet is also greatly in contrast to his on-air actions against Riddle on Monday, and doesn't seem to convey the same message that WWE was trying to create with their announcement.


Rollins was in a much happier mood when he had a brief brush-by with his former Shield comrade, Roman Reigns, before attacking Riddle on Monday night. Reigns will be defending his WWE Undisputed Championship against Brock Lesnar in the main event of SummerSlam in a Last Man Standing match.