Seth Rollins is turning up the heat on his upcoming opponent at WWE’s SummerSlam event.

Rollins set to meet Riddle one-on-one. The build on WWE programming has featured some sneak attacks by both individuals and the typical verbal barbs one would expect. However, away from “Raw”, Rollins is working to elevate the rivalry to another level.

Recently, Rollins took aim at Riddle’s longtime tag team partnership with Randy Orton. Rollins admits WWE fans are growing more supportive of Riddle, but he says that was based on the tag team with Orton. Rollins says Riddle must now prove he can succeed on his own.

“He’s out here having to stand by himself, but he’s still out here doing Randy’s moves, doing Randy’s poses,” Rollins told Metro in the United Kingdom. “I’d like to know, who is Riddle? Who is this Original Bro?”

Rollins also took issue with how many of Orton’s mannerisms and signature maneuvers Riddle has adopted. Rollins implied that the true version of Riddle has been lost behind the trail of tributes.

“I’d love to see something original about him,” Rollins explained. “I’m gonna push that out of him one way or another. If he doesn’t wanna respond, that he’s gonna fall by the wayside or he’s gonna rise to the occasion – we shall see.”

The real-life animosity being woven into the build for their upcoming match at SummerSlam goes beyond Riddle’s recent partnership with Orton.

In November 2019, Rollins had an issue with Riddle’s former wife, Lisa after she body-shamed Becky Lynch and other female WWE Superstars in a social media post. During a live Watch Along stream for the 2020 Survivor Series event, Rollins said he had no interest in ever wrestling Riddle.

Riddle says he did apologize to Rollins for his ex-wife’s social media comments and Rollins accepted the apology. Still, Rollins is now using their past history as fuel to heat up their match.

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