The Great Khali Responds To Accusation He Slapped Toll Worker

Some people will do anything for a selfie.

The Great Khali recently went viral when footage of him slapping a toll worker in Ludhiana, Punjab, made the rounds on social media, and the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion took to Instagram to clear up the situation. According to Khali, he was traveling from Jalandhar, Punjab, to Karnal in the Indian state of Haryana, when he was stopped at a toll barricade by a toll worker who demanded the popular wrestler take a selfie with him. A heated argument ensued and Khali ended up striking the toll worker.

Despite a police official getting involved toward the end to take both men's complaints, an official at the local police station told The Times of India that there was no complaint filed by either man, likely meaning no one pressed charges.

On Instagram, Khali accused the toll worker of "blackmailing" him, as well as using racist language.

"Hello Friends," Khali wrote. "Yesterday while going to karnal, toll tax employee of Phillaur stopped my car and misbehaved for selfie. When I denied selfie, he ruthlessly passed racist comments also used bad words. That's all I want to say. Thank you," read the caption to Khali's message to his fans.

Khali was recently in the news for another reason, as the wrestler and politician recently joined the nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, the largest political party in the country of India, which includes Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The party's National Democratic Alliance currently holds a 394 members of parliament out of the country's 780 total and is set to meet to pick a Vice Presidential candidate, as the term of the current vice president comes to an end in August.