Titus O'Neil Opens Up About Recently Adopting LGBTQ Daughter

While speaking to Wrestling Inc Managing Editor  Nick Hausman, Titus O'Neil shared how he's an advocate for those in the LGBTQ community. He shared how he has some family members who he doesn't speak to because they are anti-LGBTQ.

"I have always been an advocate for those in the lesbian and gay community because people in my family were persecuted by my own family members for being gay or lesbian," said O'Neil. "That I still have a very strong distaste for and haven't spoken to a lot of them since. We have to take a closer look at being greater human beings and those great human beings have very significant differences, but our differences shouldn't divide us. Should help us understand from a different perspective.

O'Neil just adopted a 16-year-old daughter. The WWE Global Ambassador and Warrior Award recipient shared how he responds to people who ask about how it feels to have a gay daughter.

"I have a daughter who I just adopted. She's 16 years old and she's openly gay. One person asked me, 'How does it feel to have a gay daughter?' 'Well how does it feel to have a straight son, that's an asshole?' I've known her since she was seven or eight years old. I adopted her because she's a great human being. She deserves a dad. What her sexual preference is, I'm not there to damn her or demean her for what she chooses to live out."

As noted, Titus O'Neil and WWE have been "talking" about a potential in-ring return. O'Neil last competed in a sanctioned match in November 2020, where he lost to United States Champion, Bobby Lashley in under two minutes.

The full interview is available below:

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