Undertaker Comments On Leaving Mick Foley Out Of WWE HOF Speech

Did you know that Undertaker once threw Mick Foley off of the 16-foot high Hell In A Cell cage? He did. It comes up a lot.

"I've talked about Mick Foley until I'm blue in the gills," The Undertaker told "Bleacher Report" in a recent interview. Taker was addressing complaints that he didn't bring up the Hardcore Legend during his lively Hall of Fame induction speech. "If I go through every angle, every opponent..." Taker continued, noting that after 30+ years as The Undertaker, it can lead to a desire to condense his history.

Taker noted that he felt there was "blowback" from his decision to focus on Shawn Michaels and Triple H as the sole opponents of his that were mentioned heavily throughout the speech.

"I love Mick Foley," Taker said, saying he believes their work together will "outlive the test of time," with the understanding that his numerous opponents understand the mammoth task of summarizing his career. He also mentioned fellow WWE Hall of Famer Edge. "I hope they didn't get their feelings hurt," said of his numerous unnamed opponents, "but it wasn't about all that."

Undertaker was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame on April 1st in Dallas, TX, his home state. Taker said he didn't want his speech to be about his opponents or even himself, feeling that the lessons he's learned in his career were the focal point and that he was sharing the info to "help people in their lives and thank the WWE Universe."

In the interview, Undertaker noted that he has no "aspirations" to wrestle anytime soon. Still, the lengthy list of opponents in Undertaker's career could continue to grow, as, "this is the WWE, man. You never say never."