Undertaker Makes Surprise Appearance And More WWE San Diego Comic-Con Notes

The WWE San Diego Comic-Con Panel to unveil new action figures has taken place, and there were quite a few notable moments.

The biggest news coming out of the event is that The Undertaker made an unadvertised, surprise appearance during the panel. The sound of the gong from his entrance music marked the introduction of his appearance, but fans in attendance thought that it was being used to help reveal the retro mid-90s era "Raw" Undertaker action figure. The Phenom then came out to a massive standing ovation and would aid in unveiling the remaining figures to the crowd.

Zelina Vega and Cody Rhodes were also guests on the panel. Rhodes provided an update on the pec injury he suffered during a gym session ahead of this year's Hell In A Cell. He said that while he currently was unable to win an arm wrestling contest, he is healing slowly but surely. He said that doctors have been unable to provide him with a firm timeline for a return out of fear that he will jump ahead of the timeline. Nevertheless, he joked that he's planning to jump the timeline anyways.

WWE announced several new action figures that will be coming out soon. They unveiled a long-awaited Jeff Jarrett figure, as well as a Johnny Knoxville one, and a WrestleMania 3 era Andre the Giant figure. Ken Shamrock and early-90s era Shawn Michaels figures will also soon be available in stores. A new Alexa Bliss figure will be featured in the Elite Series 97 collection, complete with a Lilly doll.

Mattel announced during the show that they had partnered with WWE to release a No Holds Barred exclusive set. Ringside Collectibles will also be releasing a Mega Powers set featuring Hulk Hogan and "Macho Man" Randy Savage that will give collectors the ability to allow them to shake hands. They will also be unveiling a Dangerous Alliance era Paul E. Dangerously. It was also announced that new "build a figure" sets will allow fans to assemble Gene Okerlund and Dok Hendrix.