Update On Jonathan Gresham’s AEW And ROH Status

Former Ring of Honor World Champion Jonathan Gresham has been in absentia since losing the title to Claudio Castagnoli on July 23 and demanding his release from his contract, leading many to wonder what will become of the AEW wrestler and former franchise face of ROH. According to a new report from Fightful Select, Gresham is not factored into any AEW/ROH plans since asking for his release from the company. Gresham reportedly got in a heated conversation with AEW President and ROH Owner Tony Khan ahead of Saturday's Death Before Dishonor event, though according to Fightful, no bridges were burned by the confrontation. There is also no word on whether AEW has granted Gresham's requested release.

Sources were apparently happy with the match between Gresham and Castagnoli, noting the professionalism of Gresham continuing with the match despite his feelings. There had reportedly been three companies interested in Gresham before he joined AEW/ROH, though it remains uknown which three companies were interested.

Gresham recently deleted his Twitter account, and there is word that he's decided to step away from wrestling for the foreseeable future, though Fightful's report notes that many of Gresham's co-workers believe he loves wrestling too much for those feelings to be permanent. Gresham walked to the ring at Death Before Dishonor without his trademark octopus mask and ring jacket, looking to wrestle what he believes is his last ROH match as himself.

As of yesterday, Gresham was still advertised to wrestle at Starrcast V's event celebrating the final match of Ric Flair on July 31st. Gresham is scheduled to wrestle Konosuke Takeshita, Alan Angels & Nick Wayne in a four way match.

There is reportedly no connection between Gresham's desire to leave AEW/ROH and Tully Blanchard's recent departure, despite the fact that the two men had been tied together creatively. Blanchard had initially managed Gresham, as well as The Gates of Agony and Brian Cage, in Tully Blanchard Enterprises. The group has since been "purchased" by Prince Nana, who is reforming The Embassy in its place.