Update On Max Dupri’s Status With WWE

There's an update about Max Dupri's WWE status.

As noted earlier, Dupri was absent from this week's episode of "SmackDown" and was replaced by Maxxine, formerly Sofia Cromwell on "NXT 2.0." Vince McMahon wrote Dupri out of the Maximum Male Models storyline a few weeks ago and that Dupri knew last week was going to be his final appearance alongside Ma.çé and Mån.sôör.

In a new report from Fightful Select, Dupri was unbooked last minute. It was also noted that Ma.çé and Mån.sôör were on board with the angle, while Dupri had some reservations about things. Sources revealed to Fightful that Max Dupri had "ruffled some feathers" with a couple of scripts that he challenged.

Vince McMahon was at ringside to produce the Maximum Male Models debut segment. McMahon had worked with Dupri quite a bit on how he should look and sound. He wanted him to sound nothing like LA Knight.

Another source indicated that the best thing that could possibly have happened to Dupri was Vince McMahon retiring because he does still have some supporters in WWE that enjoy his work. It was hinted that the door wasn't closed for the decision to be reversed.

The beachwear segment that was promoted for next week was supposed to take place yesterday on "SmackDown."